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Online Trading of Russell 2000 Futures

Russell 2000 Futures

Thanks for your inquiry. I have developed Algorithm Indicators, Templates, and Layouts. I have been trading Russell 2000 futures for 7 years. It took me 3 years to develop algorithm indicators and profitable trading techniques using SCM methodology.

I teach how to trade Russell 2000 futures. Here is a plan you might consider:
–I will teach you for free via weekly online webinars and private sessions. Once you start trading live cost of algorithm indicators will be adjusted (contact office for additional information).

Screening will be required to be sure that you are teachable and do not bring bad habits from your previous trading experience. I cannot make money unless you are successful. Actually I am underwriting risk (financing your training which will cost me $5,000-$8,000). Remember, I am not selling you anything. I look for a reliable and reputable partner. You must be confident in yourself, have a little money, be disciplined and desire to succeed.

I will teach you how to become a professional trader. You will be trading an hour or less daily and never leave money overnight. You can trade just anywhere; all you need is laptop, internet and skills. Trading is mechanical since my algorithms take away thinking, believing, guessing, expecting, anticipating and chasing market.

Minimum requirement with the broker is to open live account $3,000 once you learn trading; algorithm indicators cost $500/month (demo and live account). You will learn how to make $1,000 plus in 1-2 hours trading 5 contracts. You will start trading 1 contract making $200-$300 and add number of contracts as you accumulate more funds and develop skills. You do not need trading knowledge of any kind; you will learn the skills and mindset of the professional trader. Training 1-2 months will be required prior opening live account.

If you have questions, feel free to call 916-738-2424 after 11:00 am EST.
Leo Gindin
Adjunct-Professor Finance
Senior Faculty
(engineer and pilot)